Worcester State University Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs Henry Theriault

Theriault Gives Keynote on Human Rights and Genocide at R.I. State House

June 14, 2018
By: WSU News

Henry Theriault (Academic Affairs) was the keynote speaker for the Rhode Island Holocaust-Genocide Education Committee’s special event May 10 at the Rhode Island State House in honor of the state’s commitment to education about the history, causes, and effects of such atrocities.

The event featured a joint-resolution by the Rhode Island General Assembly commemorating the 2016 passage of “An Act Relating to Education – Holocaust Genocide Education.” The legislation, which passed overwhelmingly, requires that holocaust and genocide education be studied in all Rhode Island public middle and high schools.

Theriault is president of the International Association of Genocide Scholars and an internationally recognized authority on genocide education. His talk covered the current climate of human rights as it relates to genocide and why the subject should be studied in school.

The event kicked off in the historic Governor’s Stateroom. Attendees included Rhode Island legislators, educators, and community members.

Afterward, Theriault joined members of the Rhode Island Holocaust-Genocide Education Committee as special guests in the House as a vote was taken in favor of the joint resolution. The committee members and Theriault were officially recognized on the House floor. The group then attended the Senate vote as special guests.

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