Kiara Celaj, an international student at Worcester State

International Student from Albania Shares Her Optimism with the WSU Community

July 26, 2018
By: Kim Caisse

Kiara Celaj is an international student from Albania and a sophomore majoring in communication at Worcester State. Read on to learn more about her and her experience as an international student on campus.

WSU News: What is your career goal?

Celaj: Communicate to the public the truth through work ethics, patience, and passion!

WSU News: Please tell us about yourself.

Celaj: I’m a 19-year-old girl who was born in Tirana, on a cold winter evening, almost 20 days late. Despite being hard for me to describe myself, some key points of my character are summed up in a really-really cliché quote: “Live. Laugh. Love.”

Live… Because the moment and its details are what make life beautiful… Though I’d suggest don’t strive for perfection; it’s not so helpful! I try to take as much pictures as I can, I collect bus or plane tickets, pieces of things, small meaningful stuff, which represent a story I’ll never forget.

Live… For the things that set your soul on fire, like mine, sunrise and sunset, stars, moon, mystical creatures, soccer, books, movies, Teen Wolf, whatever it is that makes you want to feel alive! Live… Because as long as you’re breathing, you deserve it!

Laugh… It’s a “cheap therapy,” they say. It is true! Scientifically it reduces stress by 15% and depression by 20%. But if you don’t feel like doing it, at least make someone else happy or smile (which I believe is similar to laughter). We’re all fighting battles people know nothing about… Be cool with them… I learned this while voluntarily working with some adorable Down syndrome kids… and while my aunt was sick with ALS, so I joked around to make her feel good for some couple of minutes.

And finally… Love! Because either way, you’ll get back what you give and maybe more… Love… Do it while people are alive or you can still smell the flowers… Don’t break chains or fight or worse, just express every positive emotion you feel and hug as much as you want… But make sure to do it within yourself first! Whatever it is that you identify love with… Embrace it and grow yourself to it… Plant it! Personally, to me love’s wanting to go home (which sometimes is not the place where you rest your head) and eating spaghetti! So I enjoy every moment with those.

To some, I seem boring, to some talkative, to some annoying, to some complicated, to some weird, but I prefer to call myself a “universal” Aquarius woman who lives by her philosophy and doesn’t care how she seems to the world… She has enough within!

WSU News: Please share your thoughts on what it is like to be an international student at Worcester State.

Celaj: I enjoy it here! They jokingly call me the girl who knows everybody because I am very social! There are a lot of differences between cultures, still I am able to adapt pretty quickly! Worcester State is like my home!

WSU News: What clubs, student orgs, or other student/community activities are you involved in on the campus?

Celaj: I participated in the 2018 HELP leadership program.

To learn more about becoming an international student at Worcester State, visit the International Students Admissions page or International Programs page.

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